Learn the perfect way of true healthy detoxification


Jan 12, 202318:30 PMWelltopia Pharmacy 136 N Main st., Thiensville, WI and Online


Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard, but it’s an important step to lose the toxins in your body! Join Our next webinar with Omar the pharmacist, where he’ll discuss the importance of Detoxification before diving into the diet, How it could be done in a healthy way, and why it’s crucially important!
Fat is created to protect the body from toxins, and impurities, which create unwanted weight.
When you go through dieting without detoxification, calorie cutting and/or exercising this results in fat loss, increasing toxic density. which results in REBOUNDING as toxic overload triggers the body’s need to create fat. weight is REGAINED!
However! With True Detoxification, you’ll get to:
Remove toxins from the body,
Create lean muscle
Relase excess fat!

Clean, balanced diet.
Keeping the body naturally lean.
Reducing the toxic burden.


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    Omar Eliwa

    Owner & Manager of Welltopia Pharmacy

    Omar Eliwa has always had a passion for patient care working with patients as family members.
    With over ten years of experience as an independent pharmacist, Omar enjoys exploring personalized medicinal options for patients, working closely with practitioners creating specific compounds for patients’ needs or tailoring pharmacy services to suit the client’s needs: hospice care patients, senior citizens and managing urgent patients’ requests in a timely manner.
    Added to his set of skills as an educator, health coach and leader, Omar always works with top professionals to fill the gap of healthcare always thinking solutions finding best ways to achieve patients’ health goals.
    Omar lives in Franklin with his wife and three children.