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Does the phrase: “A diabetes diagnosis is not the end of the world” ring a bell? Well, it is probably true, in this day and age, science and medicine have carried us so far in terms of managing this scary disease. But, on the other side of the same coin, the fast-paced lifestyle that most of us live, makes it difficult to get back to the basics of managing diabetes properly. Additionally, most diabetic patients subconsciously connect managing diabetes to a healthcare provider’s visit for either a routine check-up or tend to a health complication/crisis of some sort. But, the truth is it all comes back to your pharmacy to dispense your medications and make sure you are on track. And, realizing that need for a Diabetes Management Program, Welltopia created a comprehensive program that encompasses everything needed for you to have full control over diabetes, because it should really never be the other way around. You are not the mercy of your diagnosis, and you very well deserve to enjoy a happy and healthy quality of life!

The Diabetes Program starts with an initial consultation with your pharmacist and goes over:


This is one of our specialities! As a compounding pharmacy fuilly accredited with PCCA, we are proud to be custom-create our patients’ diabetes medications, with the highest quality bases and ingredients. Rather than having to settle for a mass-produced drug that might or might not work for your specific health background, we make your medication in our state-of-the-art laboratory to create a medication made for your specific health need, and the majority of the time, at a much cheaper cost than commercially-available drugs.


Your pharmacist will review your eating habits, food choices, and diet patterns; and will put together a complete diet plan that will help you keep your insulin levels at a safe rate. In order to have peace of mind, then awareness is key. This program eduactes you about the ideal food and diet choices, and it helps you adhere to them as well.

Pain Management:

We understand the implecations that come with diabetes diagnoses and the pain that comes with them. Your Pharmacist will advise you on effective and SAFE ways to manage the pain as part of your personalized plan. In addition to being a compounding pharmacy, we are a complete Wellness Center as well! We only offer the highest quality supplements and wellness products, and we will walk you through which natural paths to take to manage pain and feel better.

Support and Adherence:

We know support is one of the most important elements that helps one adhere to their new wellness routine. And so in addition to medication management, you will be receiving monthly follow-ups and support from your pharmacist. We are here to offer all of our support and resources to get you where you feel you are in control of Diabetes.


If you or a loved one has diabetes, reach out to us about our Diabetes Management Program today. Your pharmacist is only a message away! Call us at: 262-429-9429 or stop in!





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